We are committed to creating value and identifying risks. We offer customized due diligence services for our clients in niche markets. Our product offerings include commercial DD, forensic DD, channel check, operational DD, compliance DD, and post-investment management.

Commercial DD

A window of opportunity is short and must be seized immediately. Huisheng’s CDD team helps investors quickly understand the target’s business and assess its long-term potential.

With top consulting firm experience, our CDD members work closely with our channel check, forensic, and operational DD teams, offering broader knowledge of and deeper insights into a Target company/sector.

Forensic DD

One can never be too cautious when it comes to financial frauds. Our forensic DD team is well-positioned to identify red flags in financial activities.

With extensive forensic DD and audit experience, our forensic team members rely on not only the materials provided by a Target, but solid groundworks to verify all the information to uncover fraudulent activities.

Channel Check

Sales numbers can be misleading, particularly when concerning distributors of multiple levels. Our Channel Check team unveils the real operational and financial status of a target for investors through field visits and other means.

Operational DD

Operational capability is essential to a company's long-term development. Our operational DD helps investors identify various types of red flags in operations.

Our dedicated operational DD team, with extensive legal experience and industry-based knowledge, assesses the risks in association with the organizational structure, checks related-party transactions, and uncovers possible wrongdoings.

Compliance DD

Internal compliance issues must not be ignored.

Our compliance DD helps corporates identify internal non-compliance issues, such as commercial bribery, and prevent such issues from adversely affecting the business operations.

Post-investment Management

Post-investment management is often troublesome. We help bridge the information gap between investors and their portfolio companies and assist the investors in resolving disputes and even disposing of non-performing assets.

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