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Huisheng Consulting is one of the most experienced consulting firms in Greater China. With more than ten years of experience, we offer bespoke consulting services to our investor and corporate clients, helping them make well-informed decisions.

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Products and Services

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We help investors narrow down a target’s business value proposition and discover its long-term value.

Commercial DD
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We help investors detect and avoid financial frauds.

Forensic DD
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We help investors understand the true sales of a Target and its cooperation stability with distributors across the nation.

Channel Check
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We help investors discern the intricacies and uncover risks of investment targets.

Operational DD
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We help investors understand a Target’s compliance policies, preventing such issues from affecting its normal operations.

Compliance DD
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We help investors understand the operating status of a portfolio company after the investment and bridge the information gap.

Post-investment Management
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Telephone: +86 (10) 5691 6456
Company address:Floor 25, Emperor Group Centre, No.12D Jianwai Avenue, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100022 P.R. China
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